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Welcome to the Gradior Quo web page!

Gradior Quo is a Swedish speaking Horde Guild on the Stormscale realm with a bunch of weirdos trying to beat the crap out of the pesky alliance or to teach them Deathwing hang-arounds who is making the decisions!

Feel free to join our community by posting on our forums.

See you around in Azeroth.

Gradior Quo
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No mercy on the high-rollers!

Gradior Quo, Jun 5, 11 4:12 PM.
Yesterday Gradior Quo achieved to secure more ground in Cataclysm by taking down Cho'gall and Nefarian. They proved to be battling us with blood in mind, but with stubborn minds equipped, we raised our fists high and gave them a potato nose worth to be carved into the history books.

The heroes:

Hrakkar - Paladin
Felanin - Paladin

Varimar - Priest
Matika - Priest
Spinemender - Shaman

Range dps
Chiaak - Hunter
Zaamael - Warlock
Rothën - Mage

Melee dps
Yaruk - Death Knight
Chaffy - Warrior

Pics or it didn´t happen:



Pic or it didn´t happen!

Gradior Quo, May 23, 11 2:39 PM.
Som dom säger.... nedan har vi bilder på våra kills, förutom Monstrosity som får äran att vara med på bild nästa gång han får smaka på gubbstålet!

Omnitron Defense System

Maloriak (lite sned bild, men av en sned fotograf)



Ascendant Council / Elementium Monstrosity bites the dust!!

Gradior Quo, May 23, 11 11:55 AM.

Vi är inne i ett stim och igår fick Ascendant Council / Elementium Monstrosity smaka på Gradior Quo's lite vassare sida. Målet 12/12 går snabbare och snabbare framåt. Bra jobbat av alla som deltog:

< Tanks >
Felanin - Paladin
Hrakkar - Paladin

< Healing >
Varimar - Priest
Dragneil - Paladin
Spinemender - Shaman

< Range DPS >
Zaamael - Warlock
Chiaak - Hunter

< Melee DPS >
Yaruk - Death Knight
Chaffy - Warrior
Wazaz - Death Knight

Gradior Quo makes it to the next step and next....

Gradior Quo, May 19, 11 11:24 AM.
Hey all fellow hordies and guild mates!

GRADIOR QUO's latest week's has shown great progress in what Cataclysm brings to the front door, Maloriak had a taste of his own venomous vials, Atramedes blind-stick was pulled away from him and Chimearon got his two head bashed into oblivion!! Good job to all who joined the raiding ranks and made great evenings greater with their presence and dedication.

GRADIOR QUO will continue to progress with a plan to down all 13 bosses within the coming 2 weeks, and then we will start harassing the hardmode content as well as the content making our lives a bloody mess. Not to forget "Firelands" being around the corner for even greater challenges. In conjunction with the plan to down the final bosses GRADIOR QUO will have a LAN party for this very purpose, and will at the same time have an opportunity (or not) to see eachother face to face ... nothing beats the cheers from fellow mates downing a boss!!

So - for all you guildies - troll your way to the forum and sign up for the event.

For the hård!


Valiona & Theralion ägda

Gradior Quo, Mar 23, 11 8:34 AM.
And THAT'S the way the cookie crumbles!! Valiona & Theralion fick sina fjälliga rumpor smiskade i Söndags 20/3.


< Tanks >
Felanin - Paladin
Hrakkar - Paladin

< Healing >
Hexxan - Priest
Matika - Priest
Zhia - Druid

< Range DPS >
Rothën - Mage
Chiaak - Hunter
Nerdoc - Hunter

< Melee DPS >
Yaruk - Death Knight
Chaffy - Warrior
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Gradior Quo is a Swedish speaking guild recruiting to be able to start raiding. The current guild is relaxed and tight with good companionship and support between the players. The expectations for the guild are not to be hardcore and elite, but to have fun with your fellow guild mates in first hand
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